April 2010 - The Church of Jesus Christ

Sorry this is late! We had General Conference, then we were out of town, and I had a hand injury...nonetheless...here it is now!
The Church of Jesus Christ
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I think the ideas in the 2010 outline are awesome for this song:

1.  Ask the children to STAND if they belong to a family.
Ask them to stand if they belong to other groups such as; a sports team, a club, a music group, and lastly a CHURCH.
Let the children explain to you you what belonging means.
(that you are an important part of something)

2.  Make these word cards: 

Ask the children to listen to you sing 2 things that you KNOW because you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints  
{I KNOW who I am, I KNOW God's Plan}

Have them listen again to 6 things we DO because we belong to this church:
{FOLLOW him in faith, BELIEVE in the Savior Jesus Christ...etc}

Last word to hold up is BELONG.
Bear testimony that it is a privilege to BELONG to the true Church of Jesus Christ and that we have a responsibility to do the things we sing about in this song.

3.  Divide the Primary into two groups.
Have one group sing the first two words of each phrase
(I belong, I know, etc)
Have the other group sing the rest of the phrase.
Change groups and repeat.

4.  Show a picture of Jesus Christ.
Have the children read Doctrine and Covenants 115:4 together.
Discuss that "last days" also means "Latter-days."
When I was a little girl we sang a song, "I'm a Mormon, yes I am..."
Remember that song?
I wanted to focus on the fact that the 'nickname' for our church is Mormon, but the real name is
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Discuss that there are many people that don't know "Mormons" are Christians.
These are 2 great videos about this idea that could be neat to incorporate in your teaching:

Restored truths discussed in this video:  The Godhead, The Book of Mormon,  Restoration of the Priesthood.

 Part way through (about minute 6 is where it discusses our difference from other Christian churches, etc)

5.  Role play a little.
Pretend one of the children in your primary is traveling alone on the airplane to visit their grandparents.
While on the plane, the person sitting next to them strikes up conversation.
They notice your Book of Mormon in your carry - on bag.
This person next to you asks you if you are a Mormon.
What would you say?
They ask you, what do Mormon's believe?
What would you say?

Or use the article from the 1998 October Friend as a reference, or read as a story:
We Believe...

6.  Review the words in the song:
I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (True name of our Church, not Mormon).
I Know who I am (Child of God)
I know God's Plan (premortal life, life after death)
I'll follow Him in Faith (baptism, keeping commandments, etc.)
I Believe in the Savior Jesus Christ (Christians, believe in the Bible and Book of Mormon)
I'll honor his name (Try to to what is right)
I'll do What is right (Choose the Right)
I'll follow His Light (live so the Holy Ghost can guide your actions)
His Truth I Will Proclaim (Be a missionary, and good example to all)

7.  Just for fun:
Bring a missionary tag.
Have a picture of your meeting house.
Ask them to notice what name is stated on both.

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