Mother's Day

I don't know about your ward, ours invites the primary children up to sing to the Mothers on Mother's Day.
I like to keep it short and simple.

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The congregation last year loved this one, most hadn't heard it before...

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If you have them all ready - the kids could have little flowers they've made for their moms during sharing time, and then when they go back to their seats, they each get to hand their mother this flower!  
Craft felt, button flowers, paper flowers, tissue paper flowers, anything!

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Sign language for this song is very easy and quick to learn...

When We're Helping
I even thought as the song starts have a child really quickly say something their mother does for them...then the whole group sings and we do an action for what that child said.  Of course, you'd have it all planned beforehand...

What do you do for Mother's Day?
Please share your ideas!