Q.  What is LDS Primary Posters .com?
A.  We take the songs from the LDS Primary Songbook, and help you create visuals for posterboards.  By allowing us to help you with your visuals, you can focus your time and effort on how to effectively teach your primary with the spirit.  So often, the visuals take up all the time we should've spent preparing spiritually.  We're here to help!

Q. What is the design / digital picture layout?
A. This is a template and the pictures for the poster. It comes as a PDF file that is emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase (usually much faster). It comes designed on 8 1/2 x 11 size paper. It takes away the design time and guess work. The pictures are sized to the correct dimensions for your poster. Simply print out the pages, follow the design and create your 22" x 28" poster.

Q. What's included in the other options?
A. The other options include vinyl lettering and either digital images (you print), or printed images. We also offer a fully assembled poster kit. The fully assembled poster kit is delivered to your door -- ready to use -- no assembly required. Please see our GRAPH that very simply details what each package includes.

Q. If I purchase the designs / digital pictures when will I receive my order?

A. Digital items are emailed, usually within 24 hours (or much sooner). Be sure to check your email that you used to pay with in paypal. This is where your designs will be sent, unless you specify otherwise in the checkout process. PLEASE be aware - we also go to church on Sundays. Therefore, if you order Sunday morning at 8am, in hopes for your 10:00 meeting, chances are, we are also at church and won't be able to send your email for a few hours.  Those with AOL accounts - often the emails go to your spam folder, check there first.

Q. If I purchase a package including vinyl, when will I receive my order?
A. Orders are processed within 5-7 days of order. Shipping is usually 3-5 days, depending on your location. Items are shipped USPS Ground (from Utah). When purchasing a kit that includes the vinyl / pictures, your layouts will be sent in your shipped box.

Q. What is Vinyl Lettering?

A.  Vinyl lettering is pre-spaced lettering - like custom stickers. It's seen a large boom in the craft industry when people realized that instead of hand painting, vinyl would give much the same look, with a LOT less hastle. Vinyl can be printed in a variety of colors and fonts. As much as we love cute fonts, for lds primary posters we try to use only easy to read fonts. We also stick to standard colors - black, brown, red, blue, etc. We don't offer custom colors for your posters.

Q. How do I apply the Vinyl Lettering?
A. It's very simple. (When it arrives, you'll better understand these instructions). The lettering will be sandwiched between 2 papers. The one on top is partially see through. When you peel apart the papers, the vinyl should stick to this top paper - keeping the lettering all pre-spaced for you to apply. Place lettering in desired position, rub with a spatula, or your hand. Once applied on your poster, simply peel off the top paper, and you are done!

Q. How long is assembly?
A. MUCH faster that designing, finding pictures yourself, writing out letters first in pencil (only to erase), then marker, etc. If you order the printed pictures, vinyl, and design; assembly shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes.

Q. I am the Stake Primary President, can I copy your designs for my wards?
A. No. We offer our designs at such a low price, anyone could afford to purchase them. Please be honest and don't duplicate.  Many wards are happy to purchase the posters to have in the primary so if the current singing leader gets released, all of the visuals don't go with her!  At the end of the year, the leftover budget is a great investment for your ward.

Q. Will you ship out of the U.S.A.?
A. YES! We don't offer free shipping outside the USA, but we are happy to get you a price for shipping to your location. And, remember that DIGITAL kits are sent by email, so it doesn't matter WHERE you are!

Q. I'm not very crafty. Am I going to be able to do this?
A. YES! You don't have to be 'crafty' in any way to do this. Simply look at the layout, place the pictures and vinyl where it says, and you have a great teaching tool. No creativity needed! Assembly is fun and easy, and gives a sense of accomplishment, and you just may feel 'crafty' after assembling a poster or two!