March 2010 - Follow The Prophet

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Ideas to teach this song:
 I think most primary's know this song.  It's just one of those we all know.  Therefore, instead of focusing on learning the melody, I think I'll focus more on the words for this song - memorization.

1.  Use props or pictures to represent the prophets you'll be singing about.  Such as:
ADAM - Big #1, or a plant
ENOCH - Arrow pointing up to heaven 
NOAH - Ark, boat, 2 animals
ABRAHAM - #12 (for 12 tribes)
MOSES - a staff, or a 40 (for 40 years in wilderness)
SAMUEL -? hmm...hard one!  :)
JONAH - Whale, running shoe
OR, using a Gospel Art Kit picture of each story is awesome too!

2.  The chorus has some really important parts to it. 
First: "Don't go astray" 
Secondly:  "He knows the way"
Help emphasize these words to the children.
You could start by singing the chorus very quietly, and gradually getting louder until the "Don't go astray."  Then as you start singing the next part, start quietly again and grow louder until "He knows the way."

3.  Our primary loves these hand actions.
When you begin the chorus:
"Follow the" - roll your arms
"Prophet" - snap fingers
"Don't go astray" - wag your pointer finger (as if scolding someone)
"He knows the way" - tap pointer finger to your temple (on your head)

4.  Emphasize the rhyming words.
Each verse has them.  
For example Adam:
First one that we KNOW.
In a place called Eden he helped things to GROW.
Adam served the Lord by following his WAYS.
We are his descendants in the latter DAYS.
Only way I can memorize these verses is if I remember the rhyming words.  :)