June 2010 - The Holy Ghost

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1.  In a very quiet voice, tell the children that they need to listen carefully and then echo back to you everything that you sing.  Sing "When Christ was on the earth" (children echo back).  Continue doing this echo game to teach the 1st verse.  Explain that the Holy Ghost doesn't speak to us like we speak to our friends.  Explain that the Holy Ghost usually speaks with more of a 'feeling'.  And, we have to listen very carefully to hear or feel it.

2.  Bring a well used baby blanket.  Show the blanket and ask the children if any of them had a special blanket when they were younger.  Ask them if they needed it when it was time for bed?  Or, if they were sad, would they snuggle up to their blanket?  Explain that your blanket was wonderful because it COMFORTED you.  It made you feel comfortable inside.  Explain that the Holy Ghost is kind of like that blanket.  The Holy Ghost is there to help us when we are feeling badly, or if we need help, or just to help us feel that things will be ok.

3.  As you get up to the front, very quietly whisper, 
"If you can hear me fold your arms."  
"Everyone who can hear my quiet voice, crinkle your nose." 
(even quieter) "If you can hear me ____"
Explain that even though you were speaking very very quietly, when they listened, they could hear and obey your instructions.  Tell them that you are going to sing a song about someone who has a still small voice and who tells our hearts and minds important things.

4.  Begin by asking the children who the members of our Godhead are.  
Explain that there are 3 seperate beings.  Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.
Tell them we are going to learn about the 3rd member - the Holy Ghost.
I liked this article about the Holy Ghost, and explaining how he doesn't have a body of flesh and bone, therefore he can dwell with us at all times.  He can be our CONSTANT companion.  
Article HERE.
Ask if they know what the word "constant" means.  Have your pianist play "The Holy Ghost" and as he/she plays, clap the rhythm.  Ask the children to join in clapping the rhythm with you.  Try it again, this time, you sing the melody and clap with the children.  Explain that just as the 'beat' in this song is constant, the Holy Ghost can be our constant companion.  He will stay with you, unless you are making bad choices.

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