February 2010 - He Sent His Son

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Ideas to teach this song:
1.  Have the group sing in "Question and Answer" groups.
Group 1: "How could the Father tell the world, of love and tenderness?"
Group 2:  "He sent his son a newborn babe in peace and holiness...
You could divide teachers / children, or boys / girls, etc.
Idea in sharing time manual - I love it, but perhaps for subsequent weeks, not introduction week.

2. Print out the questions asked in the song on pieces of paper.
Sing the song once through for the children to hear.
Have a series of pictures to depict the answer to the questions.
Have the children help you match the question and an answer picture.
Then have them help you put the questions / pictures in the right order!
Some pictures I would use:
He sent his song a newborn babe... (above)
He sent his son to walk with men... (above)
He sent his son to die for us then rise with living breath (above)...
Have faith, have hope, live like His Son... (above)

Simply click on image to enlarge - right click - save as.
Bottom image - I combined a few images from magazines to create it...so, you won't find it elsewhere.
All other images come from LDS magazines or church curriculum.

3.  Be sure to emphasize the last phrase.
"What does He ask? Live like His Son."
I think I am going to re-emphasize this phrase by focusing on it alone during week 2 or 3.  Sharing time is supposed to focus on what Jesus has done for us.  I think it leads perfectly into, "What can we do for our Heavenly Father and Jesus."  I plan to bear testimony that I know my Savior loves me.  That I am so grateful for the many things he did while on this earth.  And, to show my gratitude, I want to do what my Heavenly Father has asked - Live Like His Son...and discuss the ways I can do this.

4.  Have a "heart attack".  Since it is February!  
At Walmart and they have a package of 30 foam hearts in red, white, pink and dark red.
I'm thinking that I'll ask the kids to tell something they can do to show their LOVE for their Heavenly Father.  To re-emphasize the "Live Like His Son".
Pass the hearts out to each child, as they come up with an idea - they share it, and then attack either:
ME with the hearts (tape them onto me)
Attack our poster. 
So, they'd work the same way as our 'blobs' in covering up the words on our poster.
They will love this idea...I already know.  :)
(You could easily just cut out paper hearts for this)