How Firm a Foundation (February)

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**Discuss with your primary presidency to make sure you don't overlap ideas too much. (Idea taken from the February 2009 Sharing Time)
Introduce the song by singing the phrase "The wise man built his house upon the rock" ("The Wise Man and the Foolish Man," p. 281). Hold up a rock and ask: Why was the man wise to build his house upon a rock (a firm foundation)? Have a child hold the rock and a picture of Jesus Christ while you sing the first line of "How Firm a Foundation." Have the children repeat the line.

Sing: "ye saints of the Lord." Ask, who are 'ye saints of the Lord?' Then have them gather in a group and take a picture of the primary children to put on your poster to represent 'saints of the Lord." Have the children repeat the line.

On the board, write "faith in his ______ ___." Have the children listen for the words to put in the blanks while you sing the second line of the first verse. Have them sing the line. Ask: Where do we find His word (scriptures)? Invite a child to come up and hold scriptures. Have the children sing the lines you've learned so far.

Sing: "What more can he say than to you he hath said?" Add to the child's scriptures until he or she is holding all the standard works, church magazine, and pictures of modern prophets to show how abundantly the Lord has given us His word. Have the children sing this line.

Ask them to listen while you sing lines four and five for the word that is repeated three times. Define refuge (place of safety), and have the children sing lines four and five.

Bear testimony that Christ is a sure foundation and that if we are built upon His gospel, we shall not fall.