APRIL: Did Jesus Really Live Again

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When teaching this song, it's important that you sing all 3 verses. Otherwise it doesn't get the entire message to the children. We designed our visual with 2 different colors for the words. This makes it so that you can divide the primary into 2 groups. Have the one group sing the 'questions' and the other group sing the 'answers'. If your teachers are willing, I really like to have my primary teachers sing the questions, and all the children sing the answers.

For example:

Group 1: "Did Jesus really live again?"
Group 2: "Yes, when the third day came. He wakened and he left the tomb, He called Mary's name."

Group 1: "Did Jesus come to those He loved?"
Group 2: "Yes, people touched His feet, and of the fish and honeycomb, He did truly eat."

Group 2: "and there were nailprints in his hands and a spearwound in his side."
Group 1: "Did Jesus really live again after he had died?"

"Yes, and so shall I"

Some of the pictures I would suggest on the poster: