Nursery Age Music

Music with the nursery age children can be so fun! If you are in a building that allows you (the singing leader) to bring the nursery children into the primary room for singing time - do. It helps their transition into sunbeams so much easier.

In our nursery, all the kids hold onto a 'rope' and walk into the primary room.

Here are some ideas our nursery kids love:

I have a bright orange bag, full of noise makers (none that use the mouth of course). Sometimes we march around the room singing "Do as I'm Doing", or we sit in our chairs and use them while singing "Singing a Song is Fun to Do". I bought a set at Ikea, and I made some instruments. There are a lot of good websites that offer shakers, castanets, tambourines, etc. I homemade some with simple items like pie tins, paper cups, rice, beans, wood blocks, sand paper, etc. The love them all.

I have a tin can that I covered with fun paper. Inside this can are 'clues' for which song we will sing next. If it were up to me, I'd forget and we'd sing the same songs everyweek! The children love to be involved, and this keeps them from shouting out which song to do next.
song clue ideas:
(you could make copies of the pictures above the songs in the children songbook instead...)
  • Glasses or eyeball (sounds odd, but I do have some): "Two Little Eyes"
  • Clapper (from McD happy meal a few years back): "If You're Happy"
  • frown / smile face guy (from the Friend): "Smiles" (If you chance to meet a frown)
  • Rubber duck: "Happy Song" (Ducks in the pond...)
  • Sunshine: "Sunbeam" (or use poster size with hole cut in middle)
  • Picture of Jesus and Children: "I Am a Child of God" or "Jesus Said Love Everyone"
  • A doll shoe: "Two Happy Feet"
  • A worm: "I Wiggle"
  • Gloves: "I Have Two Little Hands" OR "My Hands" OR "Roll Your Hands"
  • A Doll: "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"
  • Paper guy w/ hinges (use brads): "Hinges"
  • A Rock: "Wise Man and Foolish Man"
  • Musical Instrument: "Do As I'm Doing"
  • A #2: "I Have Two Ears"
  • Picture of child standing: "Stand Up" OR "Oh, How We Love to Stand"
  • Picture of Church: "Chapel Doors" (use poster)
  • Snowman Cookie Cutter: "Once There Was a Snowman"
  • Star Shaped something: "I am Like a Star" (let them twinkle their fingers)
  • Popcorn kernels, or tree picture: "Popcorn Popping"
  • Fake purple flower: "Little Purple Pansies" (fun to have big poster board so their face can poke through)