March: "My Eternal Family"

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I've seen a lot of ideas on how to teach this song. Although I am not opposed to 'clipart', I don't want to use 'Bob the Builder' in primary. That said, here is what I came up with.

(The first week I will only be teaching verse 1 and the chorus.)

Items Needed:

  • Construction Hat (picture above)

  • Pictures to go along with singing (See below)

  • Melody Dots (attached at bottom, large enough to click and save as)

Before primary, have your pictures set in a random order near the front of the room. Attached to each picture have the 'melody dots'. You do not need to know how to read music to use these - the children love them. It is easier than them trying to follow a leaders hand up/down/middle, etc.

Leader Sing: "I am a builder working each day to build my family". Invite a child to come up and wear the construction hat. He is our 'builder'. He needs to pick the picture that best matches the singing line. (A family). Have the primary children then sing the line.

Leader Sing: "And I will do the best I can do serve them lovingly". Again, invite a child up to wear the construction hat and find the appropriate picture. (Family helping do the dishes). Have the children sing the song up to this point.

Leader Sing: "I am a builder growing so tall, learning every day." Invite child to help find the right picture (children reading scriptures). Sing song to this point.

Leader Sing: "To speak with kindness in my home, to help at work and play." Choose reverent child to be your helper and find picture (children playing and sharing). Sing song to this point.

Leader sing the chorus: "My Heavenly Father sent me here, He knows I can be Strong and Righteous as I build My Eternal Family." (Picture of family in front of temple, or church). Repeat chorus with children.

Sing song from beginning to end.

(Repeat idea for 2nd verse next week.)


Purchase "My Eternal Family" poster


Purchase "My Eternal Family" poster

Here is the graphic I used on my hat. Simply right click on image, save as, and resize to whatever size you need for your hats!