While at Target, I spotted these headbands in the Dollar Spot bins.
They had them in yellow, purple, and pink.
When I saw them, I knew they'd be perfect for
"Little Purple Pansies"
I know...they aren't the 'shape' of a pansie, but it doesn't matter - for $1!
The nursery kids are going to LOVE wearing these and dancing around like little flowers...I already know.
Hurry to Target before they are gone!

My pianist had a cute idea - 
The nursery kids always like to sing "Once there was a Snowman" even in the wrong season.
So, instead we tried this:
"Once there was a seed, seed, seed...
Once there was a seed - small, small, small.
In the sun he grew, grew, grew...
In the sun he grew - tall, tall, tall..."
 So, it turned out to be the opposite of snowman, we ended up tall - the kids loved it!