I haven't pulled this out in a while -
Always a favorite.
I normally print out the words and put felt on the back that sticks to the velcro on my headband / sweatband. When I originally created the game, I tried to use generic words that appear in lots of songs, which worked fine.
Well, a wonderful reader suggested a new way. She laminates a plain white piece of paper. Since it is laminated, and large, and permanently attached to her headband, she simply uses a dry erase marker to write the new word on the headband! Erases easily for her to write the next word for the next child. I love this. I am going to make a new headband using this idea.
Sweatbands at Walmart 2 for $1.
Cheap and seriously one of their most favorite games.
If you don't know the game, click HERE for the explanation.