I was at "Family Dollar" today.
They had some big foam dice.
2 for $1.
{I love all a dollar}

I've been using a homemade paper dice for my dice game.
It worked fine, but it gets crunched sometimes.
I was excited for this alternative.

I plan to put fun ways to sing on one of the dice:
Girls Only, Boys Only, Teachers Only, Stand Up
Slow, Super Fast, Hum, Close Eyes, Clap, Hop, etc.

Then, on the other dice, I am going to do theme songs:
Below are my clipart / clues for our songs. The dice only had 6 sides (obviously), so I picked the 6 we needed to practice most. And, I just taped them on the dice for temporary, whereas I modge podged on my other dice.

simply click - right click - save as - and size to your needs...