Misc. Items

If you have an IKEA near you - go grab these cheap items!

A church mouse:
$1.49 at Ikea in the childrens toy section.

Idea #1: I love it when the children come to primary, we hum along with the prelude music. Sometimes, they are too loud, and it doesn't work. I think this mouse would do the trick! The first week, have the mouse near the podium, as a reminder to the children when they come into primary they need to be reverent and quiet or it scares away our 'church mouse'. After they get the idea of the church mouse - perhaps have it hidden in different locations each sunday, and as they reverently sit in their seats and hum, they can look around the room to see if they can spot it!

Idea #2: I often use a picture of a mouse to have the children sing 'quieter', and a picture of a lion to encourage them to sing 'louder'. I already had a lion puppet, but didn't have a mouse!

Silly Birthday Hat:

Clearance - $2.00 at Ikea - near the mouse! :)

(image courtesy of flickr) I'm always trying to think of a way to make the birthday child feel special. They will go wild over this. I think when we sing a birthday song, I will let the birthday child wear the hat for the song.