"Be Guided"

Our sharing time was focused on following the promptings of the Holy Ghost to make the right choices. For the singing part of this, I chose to play a fun game.

A small CTR shield (attached at bottom of post).

1 child goes out of the room, while one child hides the CTR shield. The rest of the primary are our singers.

We then sang "Baptism" (we needed some review...) and as the 'seeker' would get closer to the hidden CTR we'd sing LOUDER. As they moved away from it, we'd sing QUIETER. The kids loved it. They didn't even notice that we sang "Baptism" at least 10 times through. :) And, I was able to tie it in to the listening to the Holy Ghost - if we listen, we will be guided which choices to make.
Simply 'right click' and 'save as'
(Taken from the LDS lesson manual - only I colored it in instead of it being black and white.)