March 2011 - Stand For the Right

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#1: Have a picture of President Monson.  Hold up the picture and ask the children who this is? (President Monson, our prophet)  Explain to them that the prophet tells us the things our Heavenly Father wants us to know.  Our prophet is here on the earth to guide us.  Ask the children to listen as you sing Stand for the Right.  Tell them to listen carefully to see if they can pick out the words our prophet wants to tell them.  Continue on like it says in the sharing time manual.  Discuss some specific things our current prophet has asked us to do.

#2:  Focus on the phrase STAND FOR THE RIGHT.  Ask them what they think it means.  Does this mean to stand up (physically)?  Does this mean to stand on the RIGHT, not the LEFT?  You'll (hopefully) get a few responses such as:  "To follow Jesus" or "Follow the Commandments" or "To Choose the Right", etc.  Be sure to be positive about all their ideas.  Ask them if they know what the word COURAGE means.  Explain that courage means to act the way you believe in - NO MATTER WHAT.  Some people may make fun of you, or tell you that you aren't 'cool' if you don't do what everyone else is doing.  Having courage is believing and keeping promises you've made with yourself and your Heavenly Father.

#3:  Invite 2 children to the front of the room.  Have one stand with their feet together, not firmly planted, just lazily standing.  Have the other child really plant their feet firm. (think a football tackle stance).  Gently push his/her shoulder this way and that, and they'll see how if you are standing firm, the little pushes doesn't affect you much.  Relate this to someone who has made a decision to STAND FOR THE RIGHT.  If you make up your mind now about decisions you'll make, it'll be a lot easier to Stand for the Right later on.  Move on to the other volunteer who isn't planted firmly.  If you don't have your feet firmly planted (if you haven't made up your mind on your choices) you will easily get pushed this way and that.  You will easily fall or be swayed by other people.  Emphasize that choices they make NOW may affect the rest of their life.  Good decisions and bad decisions.  Challenge them to choose now how they will act in certain situations so they don't have to choose later.

#4:  Share a personal experience when it took courage to stand for the right.  If you don't have a personal experience to share then consider using a story from the scriptures.  (examples might be:  Nephi ((standing up to his brothers persecution)), Samuel the Lamanite, Joseph Smith, Strippling Warriors, Sons of Helaman, etc.)

WEEK #4: "There is safety in following the prophet"
The outline suggests you make road signs and use them for singing time.
If you don't have a set of these yet, they are real handy for ANY song!  
Perfect for this week's lesson emphasis too.  :)

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There are a few more ideas in the sharing time outline you could incorporate into any of the above ideas...