Repetition Ideas

Fact of the matter is:
Kids learn by repetition

As much as they may not like the IDEA of singing the same song 10 times in a's how they learn. 
We are always changing up ways to sing the song, and really, the kids don't realize we're singing the song as many times as we are!


Mystery Box:
I keep a box full of random items / toys in the closet.  Mine contains items like below, but be creative!  Rummage through your toys at home - you'll be amazed what you'll find!

A toy car:  sing "Vroom, vroom, etc" instead of words.  Could also sing "Beep, beep" etc.
Heart:  Sing lovingly.
Frog:  Sing while hopping, OR sing staccato.
Pirate Eye Patch:  Close your eyes while singing.
Hammer:  Beat out the rythmn of the song as we sing.
Slinky:  Loud when stretched out, softer when squished (idea in LDS sharing time outline...)
Spinning Top:  Have them turn in slow circles while singing.
Block with #'s:  I let 1 child roll the block, and whatever # it lands on, if you are that sing.  :)
Toy Soldier:  Sing while marching

Headband Hero:
Invite 1 child to the front of the room.  They get to wear our "sweatband" for the round.  The sweatband has a piece of laminated paper stuck to it - mine is velcro'd, you could make your more permanent if you'd like.  Depending on the song, choose 1 key word to write on the laminated area of the headband.  The point is - everyone else EXCEPT the person wearing the headband can see this word.  Begin singing the song.  When you get to the word written - STOP!  Don't sing it!  The person wearing the headband has to guess which word comes next in the song.  Sr. Primary loves this game.  For Jr. Primary, I have the child wearing the headband cover his ears, while I tell the young kids that can't read the secret word.  I then as we sing the word put a "shooshing" finger up to my lips to help them remember not to sing it.  They do great.

Musical Note:
Have a musical note, or a CTR symbol or something that goes along with your lesson.  Have 1 child leave the room, have another child hide this object.  Invite the child who left the room back, and begin singing your song.  As the child gets closer to the hidden object - sing louder.  As the child moves away from the hidden object - sing quieter.  Never gets old to the kids...

click to enlarge - right click - save as - use as you'd like!

Sit and Stand:
Print out keywords for the song, words that are said more than once (preferably).  Have one child pick a word our of your basket.  As you sing the song, when that word is sung, everyone stands, then sits back down, and stands when word is sung again next.  Could do many different ways.  Instead of Stand/Sit, you could Clap on the keyword, or close your eyes on the key word, or fold your arms on the key word, etc.  Depends how much energy you want them to get out, or how in control you need to keep them!  :)

 Notice, for most of these ideas, they need to pick your items / papers out of a container.  Might I suggest making one?  I reuse mine ALL the time.  Icall mine the mystery can.  It's simply a large metal can (that your food storage comes in), recovered with bright fun colors and question marks all over it.  They never know what's inside, or what the things inside are for!  :)  
I keep in the closet, I never have to stress about what to use...

**Sometimes we sing ONLY the chorus, or only the 2nd verse, etc.  
Also, sometimes we are humming just the melody, which is so great to really get the melody ingrained in their memory.