Top 10

In a previous week - I had each child write their favorite primary song on a piece of paper.
I use this collection for a fun game at the end of the year.
I keep it SUPER SIMPLE because we all know how busy it gets with Christmas and New Years.
I tally up the songs, and create a Top 10 songs for 2009.
We then start with #10 and work our way up to #1.
I let the children choose either charades OR pictionary.
Some kids aren't comfortable acting, others aren't comfortable drawing.
The kids love it.
So, after they guess the #10 song, sing it, and invite another child up to act out #9, sing, etc.
Takes a good 20 minutes to get through them all.

The surprise to me was that the kids #1 choice (in my ward) was "I Am a Child of God".

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