Christmas Song

Our primary is usually asked to sing in the month of December, whether it be Sacrament Meeting, or a ward function. I wanted to try something new this year.

My husbands aunt wrote this beautiful song
"Christmas Anthem"
I cry every time I hear it.
It is that good.

This year, I invited the Young Women in our ward to help us.
The primary will sing the 1st verse.
The Young Women will sing the 2nd verse.
We both sing the chorus together, and then what is so fun about this song, is they sing the 1st and 2nd verses at the same time in a duet.

It is so beautiful.

I am working on getting a soundbite up of the song.
Until then, here is the 1st page of the sheet hopefully give you a feel for the song.

She gave me permission to offer it for sale on LDS Primary Posters!
To purchase the sheet music, click below: (poster coming VERY soon)


The sheet music will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase.

It will be sent to the email address used to pay with in paypal unless otherwise specified.

**Since this isn't a church hymn, you'll need to get approval from your bishop if you'd like to sing it in a Sunday church meeting.