Program Idea

We are still preparing for our program. One of the songs we are singing is "I Love to See the Temple". I had an idea this week that I wanted to try at church today. It was so wonderful, it gave me goosebumps. I thought I would pass along the idea to you.

Think of a 'wave' at a football game.

I start on one end of the room. A few children help me sing, "I love to see the temple."
* a very small piano interlude (to pause it a bit)
More kids join along with the first group and sing, "I'm going there some day."
* small piano interlude (arpeggio)
More kids join, "To feel the holy spirit."
* piano again
More kids join, "To listen and to pray."

By this point our whole primary is singing for the chorus and the remainder of the song. I am having the organ join in for the chorus. The congregation will be joining us on the 2nd verse as our closing song for the program.

It was just wonderful. The growing voices is beautiful. I didn't divide them by classes, instead just in sections. This way, I could slowly walk in front of the group and encourage the next group to help us. They loved it. We leaders loved it. I hope you love it. :)