Scripture Idea

This weeks sharing time topic is: "I can strengthen my family by reading the scriptures."

Here is a list of our theme songs (plus my 2 free choice songs) and a corresponding scripture:

I Lived in Heaven - D&C 138:56
How Firm a Foundation - Helaman 5:12
My Eternal Family - D&C 138:2
Baptism - Matthew 3:13-16
I'll Seek the Lord Early - D&C 88:63
Did Jesus Really Live Again - 3 Nephi 11:10-14
Teach Me To Walk in the Light - Isaiah 2:5

For senior sharing time, I'm thinking of a scripture chase. I'll write the scripture on the chalk board, 1st one to it gets to read it for us, and they have to decide which theme song in corresponds with, then we'll sing that song!

For junior sharing time - Let some of the older kids help me read each scripture, then we'll discuss the hard words, and decide which theme song it corresponds with and sing.

Could do this same idea for next week which is "I can strengthen my family through Family Home Evening." Play this scripture search with your family!