Pioneers & Sabbath Day Holy

I'd really like to talk / sing about the Pioneers this Sunday.
But, I also see the importance of discussing keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.


My wonderful primary leader and I are combining efforts for this sharing time.
There was a fun idea on The Crazy Chorister using a pioneer trail.
I think we'll incorporate that idea somehow.

If you have any fun ideas, please post a comment and share!

I was able to borrow a couple of pioneer dresses. My primary leader in charge of sharing time and I are going to wear these. To begin sharing time, we will be outside the primary room. Our pianist will begin playing "To Be a Pioneer", and we'll enter and sing the song (with descant for 2nd verse). I think it will be a nice touch, and grab their attention and help us lead right into our sharing time about pioneers. :)

Here is a clipart from the church manual. I colored it, hope others find it useful!
Simply - Right click - Save As