Song Review Idea:

  • 5 + glasses of water (however many songs you need to review)
  • 1 glass full of vinegar (save the vinegar for last)
  • 1 spoon for each glass of liquid
  • food coloring
  • baking soda
  • 1 cookie sheet (under glass with vinegar)

On each spoon place a small amount of food coloring (different color for each spoon).

On top of each drop of food coloring place the baking soda - so that you can't see that food coloring is on the spoon.

Invite a reverent child up as your first volunteer. They simply place the spoon in the glass of water, and mix - and wala! A magical color appears! The children then look over at your chart stating which song goes with the corresponding color. Sing that song.


The last cup is full of vinegar instead of water. The kids will go crazy as the spoon is dipped in the cup, and not only does a color appear, but the cup overflows with foam! Perhaps this last color is a 'choose your favorite' or something fun.