My Eternal Family

I came across Sofia's website which had some very cute ideas for teaching "My Eternal Family".

As sharing time began, I came to the front of the room dressed as a builder with tool belt, and hard hat. I said, "I am a builder." "Do you know what I build?" (children - houses!). "Nope. I don't just build houses, I build - HOMES." "Do you know who I build homes for?" (children - families!). "Not just families, but ETERNAL families."

I then proceeded to pick one child at a time to pick a tool out of my tool belt. We then discussed how each tool helps build an 'eternal family'. Some were a little of a stretch, but it was fun, and got the point across. Some of the tools I included:

1. Scriptures - It's how I feed my eternal family
2. Safety Goggles - Helps us to only watch things that are good, avoid bad things on TV / internet.
3. Sand Paper - Helps me forgive when others make mistakes.
4. Ear plugs - Helps me (us) avoid hearing bad language, gossip, etc.
5. Knee Pad - because I'm always on my knees in prayer for my 'eternal family'.
6. Hard Hat - protects my thoughts to keep them clean.
7. Tape Measure - So I can measure how much we are growing physically AND spiritually.
8. Lip Gloss - Reminds us to speak kind words to one another.

It was a great way to remind about the good qualities of being an 'eternal family'.

Since I have now introduced the song, I plan on a few fun ways to review / sing it:
1. Let them beat out the rhythmn like they are hammering.
2. My "headband hero" game. (explained on my website - always a good way to review)
3. I will still bring my hardhat each week, and perhaps the class who is singing the best, their teacher will wear the hat during sharing time.
4. Construction signs for singing. "STOP", "GO", "SLOW". The kids love to be incharge of these and be in charge of when we are singing. I thought they were very cute with the builder hat on the volunteer child. (click on image to enlarge, then right click 'save as' and save to your computer and print!).