Teaching Tip: Gumball Machine

This idea was given to me by my friend and it is a hit with the kids! I use it throughout the year.

You draw a large gumball machine on poster board and title it (I "Chews" the Right!). Then you cut out as many small circles (gumballs) as there are children and then several more for move-ins. Cut out from colored paper that is bubble gum colors. A circle punch works very well. I used 1 3/4". Put one child's name on each circle. Seperate the circles in Jr. and Sr. primary and put in bags. When I need a child to be a helper I pick out of the bag. The child gets to come up and tape it onto my bubble gum machine poster board and then be my helper. This way everyone gets a turn eventually. (It takes about three to four weeks to get through all the names.) When they are done being a helper they get to take a real penny from my penny jar. After church they can come back to get a piece of real gum from my real bubble gum machine. (I bought mine from Target for $15)

I tell them, occasionally, that if I pick out a name and I can see they are talking or misbehaving/not singing etc. I will have to put their name back into the bag to draw out another time. I remind them subtly by saying as I'm drawing out a name, "I wonder if this person was singing/participating etc.?" The kids are quiet as a mouse as you draw out names - it works great and they LOVE getting a penny to put in my bubble gum machine.

-Submitted by Brigitte